Our Story

They say life is a journey. We take it sometimes with uncertain steps, and at other times striding securely and firmly. At that, it is the path itself that is important, not the ultimate goal.

Our story is about a journey, too. However, it is more of a return back in time, to the roots of the Pre-Balkan, which over the centuries has accommodated peoples, tribes and beliefs. It has given everyone who chose it as their home unique nature – high mountains, centuries-old forests and river-cut fertile fields. The home of Villa Ovcharovo.

Here, within 12 km of the town of Targovishte, lying on the remains of ancient artefacts is located the village of Ovcharovo, in whose land is the only fully studied early Neolithic settlement in Bulgaria dating back to around 5,500 BC. The size of the settlement and the unique collection of ritual clay figures and crockery found during the excavations are unparalleled and testify to the wealth of the region and the power of our land. Strength and charm, from which today we still draw inspiration to create unique wines. Because wine is also a shared journey back to our roots, to the land that feeds us and gives us the strength to move forward in our hectic daily lives.

We started in 2009 with the planting of the first vineyards. We examined several potential locations in the region in detail, studied the microclimate characteristics and took soil samples that we analyzed in France. We also spoke to the locals, who gave us invaluable information handed down from generation to generation, and consulted a French oenologist from Bordeaux. Based on the results, we determined the varietal structure of the future vineyards and ordered planting material from reputable French  nurseries. The first two years showed us that our 150 decares of vineyards have felt superb in the village of Ovcharovo.

Thus, in 2012, full of hope and enthusiasm,  we continued to the next stage of our "wine journey". A complex was built on the border of the vineyard bearing the name Chateau Des Bergers /translated from French, "The Castle of the Shepherds"/, which combines a boutique winery and a modern hotel. There, for 10 years now a young and motivated team of professionals have been creating, putting in personal zest, professional erudition and, most importantly, love. Love for the roots and faith in the potential of the fertile land, on which 150 acres of vineyards are now ripening. We have come a long way, created iconic wines, and met many friends.

But as we know, ‘Everything flows, everything changes’, life is a journey and a continuous pursuit of something new and different.

In the last 2 years (2020 and 2021), under the influence of the global turmoil of the modern world, life has slowed down and we have had the opportunity to rethink our past path and achievements, our previous aspirations and desires. We have realised that the material world, as we know it, is quite fragile, wounded and transient. We have realised that family and friends are our roots and support, that the land is our source of strength and freedom, and that only faith in our own powers moves us constantly forward.

For this reason, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have proudly chosen to identify with the Bulgarian origins and to emphasise our belonging to the native roots. We have chosen to rebrand our project to Villa Ovcharovo Wine & Hotel – so that we emphasise the Bulgarian roots and nature of our wines, so that we accentuate and promote our region and terroir, so that we bear the timeless Bulgarian values shared since antiquity and to this day – Family, Friends, Motherland.



Our wines are awarded by the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxelles - gold and silver medal in 2016 for the delicious Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay 2014 and the emblematic Cabernet Franc 2013and gold medal in 2017 for Cabernet Franc & Merlo



The hotel is not functioning temporarily!The Ovcharovo Hotel and Villa is located on the border of our vineyard. It features 16 deluxe double rooms and 3 spacious studio suites.The rooms are furnished in several different styles with great view



Villa Ovcharovo Chardonnay oAk free, vintage 2021. found a place in the prestigious DiVino TOP 50 ranking of the best Bulgarian wines for 2022.We can proudly celebrate the achievement of our Chardonnay oAk free, vintage 2021, which found a place in t


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