Misionis Fortress

Misionis Fortress is located in the Parka area, 7 km southwest of the city of Targovishte and 1.6 km. from first class road I – 4 Sofia – Varna, in the northern section of the pass “Dervent”, on a hill of Preslav Stara Planina. It occupies an area of over 120 decares surrounded by a fortress wall. The total built-up area of the town amounts to more than 700 decares, including the mountain ridge and the Vrana river valley. Over the years, since the beginning of the archaeological research in 1962, to this day, the early Byzantine fortress walls, three towers, three basilicas, a reservoir, farm and residential buildings from V-VI century, part of an unfortified early Bulgarian settlement /IX-Xv./, two towers, the gate of the medieval fortress, Church No. 1, guard rooms and 10 buildings from the XII-XIV century, were discovered.
Since 2014 began exploring the Eastern Quarter, located between the early Byzantine and medieval gates and the newly preserved Basilica No. 3.
In 2015 began research of buildings in the northern quarter of Misionis, along the river Vrana – plot 66, in the area Boaza, north of the road Sofia – Varna. In recent years, the systematic exploration of the area inside the Early Byzantine Fortress, north and south of the route of the main street, has begun. Buildings north of the Basilica No. 2 were studied, as well as those south of the guard room of the fortress.
In 2018 – 2019. Horeum / granary / and a significant part of the fortress wall were studied.
Archaeological excavations show the presence of a flourishing Byzantine city center, followed by the development of an early Bulgarian settlement / IX-X centuries /, closely related to the culture and economy of the nearby Bulgarian capital Veliki Preslav. In the 13th and 14th centuries a large trade center developed here with a key role in the defense and economy of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.
Discovered during the archaeological survey in 2020, building, we can define as a residential complex – a residence that belonged to the high clergy of Misionis and part of an episcopal complex including the Basilica No. 2. Such a building as a plan is opened for the first time in Bulgaria. It, as well as the discovered archeological materials, have a high scientific and exposition value.
Currently, the site is the basis of both long-term scientific and educational programmes of the Regional History Museum – Targovishte, and a priority in the strategy for tourism development in the Municipality of Targovishte.

Източник: bulgariatravel.org
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