Wineries Open Doors

Between The Danube river, Black Sea and Old Bulgarian Capitals????
The wineries from WINETOUR MAP NORTHEAST open their doors for you on:
For the first time this year, in an united event, we will hospitably welcome you, and give you the opportunity to touch the authentic magic of our region, to take a sip of happiness, with a glass of wine in your hand, to descover the secrets of Northeast Bulgaria.????????????
@Винарска изба Варна/Varna Winery
@Salla Estate
@Tsarev Brod Winery
@Villa Ovcharovo
@Maryan Winery
@Yalovo Winery
@Wine Tasting Center Veliko Tarnovo
@Opreff Winery
@Wineground Bottle&Beans Varna

22 May 2022


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